I spent my Last Night in Nur'Elia dreaming with Carolina, with all the moments we lived together refreshing my brain. In the morning, when i was at the reception getting ready to leave to Kandy, the receptionist just gave me a letter, with a curious smile in his face. Guessing what was in there i just came out and set outside in the fresh garden and let its words to whisper into my soul...

True traveller
You just came in, again, into my life
crossing your soul with mine

You looked for a traveller soul in my eyes,
i sent back to you the trust of giving
and careless, you just dive in me.

We travelled throughout time.
with our destiny fulfilled 30 years ago, when together we visit all that was worthy...

Yes, what is the point of today
if we lived a life in just one day
and gave sense to eternity?

And as any traveller
we just left, because it was meant to be that way...

leaving our souls spread around everywhere... in me... in you...
in us


P.S. As 30 years ago, you walk your way and i´ll do mine. Both are meant to be the same

I abandoned myself there for a couple of hours just breathing her words and then i went to the reception and knew that the message was left there one week before. She just knew i was coming, maybe by the blog, i don't know. As i suspect, there was no clue how to get to her, so i just picked up my stuff and walked way to Kandy chasing her Sinhalese soul with my heart singing RadioHead (A Wolf at the Door)

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