yes, we finally finished coding of our favorite true digital synth fraAngelico. now we are waiting for new special fraAngelico boards. performed (hands and hairs) by hurikán 2012


-granular synthesis for each sound you adjust pitch (chromatic) grainFreq 1, grainDecay1,grainFreq 2 and grainDecay2 (adjusting grainPitch makes analog-filter sweep-like effect)
-PWM sound genesis which makes is TRUE DIGITAL
-intuitive interface with 4 perfect response big buttons, 5 pots and 3 switches
-learn mode where you edit the 15 different sound (each button press combination makes different sound)
-complex and versatile digital LFO which can be edited in a way to sound like arpeggio, adjustable rate, amount, shape (triangle,sawUp, sawDown,sawUpDown,continuous random, random), smooth (number of steps) and destination of LFO (pitch, grainPitch 1 or 2, grainDecay 1 or 2, volume)
-ADSR evelope with destination options same as LFO
-MIDI input (with attached Standuino MIDI connector)
-8 presets, 4 can be edited by user and than exported to computer to be uploaded into 4 more presets stored in flash memory
-3,5mm headphone output jack connector (directly to pwm pin) -can power stereo headphones (but instrument is in mono),
-volume adjust pot
-9-12V power supply from battery or adaptor

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