On the 16th December 2011, Trampoline house had a first birthday celebration so I asked its users and volunteers to express their wish for the T-House´s future...

Speech by Morten Goll
Three years ago, the Asylum Dialog Tank created a common space, for friendships and understanding between 25 asylum seekers and 25 Danes. These 50 people decided to create a house where we could expand and continue our activities for the benefit of Denmark and for the benefit of the people who are forced to live in the camps.
To prove our ideas, we borrowed an art gallery for 2 weeks in march 2009. Many in this crowd were part of this first Trampoline House. They can testify to what I am telling you now: The first Trampoline House proved that the ideas of the 50 people were explosive!
After the 2 weeks more than 170 volunteers on fire had joined: all wanted to work in a new Trampoline House.
But then things changed:.. In fact we had no house and we were out of money! In the following months, we tried to keep the idea alive by creating activities in the city, in the World Culture Center and at the Royal Theater. But when we look back, it is clear that ADT and The Trampoline House suffered a major crisis. Thank god for visAvis, the other child of ADT, who produced magazine after magazine in that period...

But as the months went by it was clear that our dream was fading: volunteers left, the crowds turned into a few stubborn and desperate believers. I had a nervous break down in that period: I felt I had made a promise to more than 300 people, which seemed impossible to keep. After this breakdown, I decided to retire from all activities except fundraising: From october 2009, my only goal was to find money to make the Trampoline House come true.
But then, in the darkest hour, OAK Foundation came to our rescue, during a time when things looked worse than ever for the Trampoline House!
In May 2010, they confirmed that they would support the house for 3 years! And 6 months later, the times had changed and we opened up T house in Skyttegade.
And this is how, 2,5 years after the first workshop in Kongelunden and thanks to more than 100 volunteers from camps and from Copenhagen, we opened up the Trampoline house at this very location...Thank YOU!!!
Thanks to everyone who ever believed in this grand idea: Solidarity.

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