Johann Sebastian Joust is a no-graphics, music-based digitally-enabled folk game played with PlayStation Move controllers. Read more about the game here: jsjoust.com

In October 2011, we drove down to Death Valley National Park to play the game on the Mesquite Dunes. Because the only thing better than playing videogames is playing them in absurd, scenic places.

You can read more about the trip here:

Once the sun set, we switched out the game's J.S. Bach soundtrack with Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint." It was magical! ("And there were lots of stars... at night")


-- Video shot, edited, and directed by Matt Broach (aphasiac.org)
-- Music by Matt Broach, based on Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint"
-- Game by Die Gute Fabrik (gutefabrik.com)

Special thanks to Ed Key, David Kanaga, Mathew Kumar, and Rolf for joining us on the adventure!


Email: joust@gutefabrik.com
Web: jsjoust.com / doougle.net
Twitter: @gutefabrik / @doougle

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