sara bicanin
case study
master thesis: all inclusive h20 new land
mentor: Mihailo Timotijevic
assistant: Davor Eres

project description: Architecture is always the answer to the unasked question (Nouvel). Its nature is to be present in the imaginary, undefined, ambivalent space of boundaries. Boundary represents an action or a challenge to exceed and to deny it. Questioning boundary leads to stretching, vibrating, oscillating, ending with the vacuum. Architecture is the question of limits, and/or appears in fold of space, bending of reality (Deleuze). By folding, unfolding and wrapping, someone could question elasticity of object of perception. Further more this could blur it's nature by leaving the space for architecture. Bridges as objects of infrastructure could be defined in category of "non-place" (Auge). The Idea was to form it as place of interaction between people, water, sky.

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