(2011 | HD Red Epic | Color | 17 min | Short fiction | Thriller)

Synopsis : Michael Steinberg suffers from Cushing's syndrome, a hypercorticism disease, leading to extreme weight gain, irritability, or depression among other symptoms. Imprisoned in his hospital room, he mentally escapes his fenced world and body, becoming a well shaped trader which succeed in every ways. But disease appears differently in Michael's world, showing a complex and inhabited character slowly going insane to the point of killing. Our character buckles his fantasy in his hospital room, confusing the audience between dream and reality. Would current financial world appreciate the allegory?


Cast :
Cyril Schulmann | Adeline Hervouet

Directed by Yvan Georges-dit-Soudril
Cinematographer : Cyril Bron

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© 2011 Heska Productions.

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