Uh-oh, who would have thought it, the Earth is in danger and there are only 3 days left to save the human race! Can Gumpert and his crack team of NASA Astronauts avoid calamity or are we all doomed?

Crystal Quest is a stop-motion animation devised, scripted, animated and produced by Year 5 pupils at Sowe Valley Primary School in Coventry. It was a curriculum linked Creative Partnerships project, focusing on space.

"I didn’t think I could animate like Nick Park”
Project Participant on ‘Crystal Quest’

“Thank you so much for your tremendous hard work in guiding us through the animation process at Sowe Valley! You have, through your carefully planned work, inspired the children to do something they would have previously not dreamt they could have achieved. Your work in class has altered the way I present the curriculum to the children after seeing how well they rose to the new challenges you put in front of them."
Rob Darling – Deputy Head Teacher, Sowe Valley Primary School

6 minutes 58 seconds
Commissioned by: Creative Partnerships. 2011

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