B-Ju is a young producer from Hamburg, Germany. If you are following Error Broadcast the name should be familiar with you – in 2010, our very first vinyl release was with him ('Dog Day' EP, check it out).

In 2012 B-Ju returns to Error Broadcast. His 'Prozac People' EP combines instrumental Hip Hop with Footwork percussion and lush 80s synth pads. B-Ju skilfully achieves to make both your head nod and feet move - and eventually appreciate his impeccable taste in melody, texture, and arrangement. The EP is complete with remixes by eLan (Monkey Town), 813 (Donky Pitch, RAD), and our own player Monolithium.

Visuals by uglystupidhonest.com
More info and purchase options bit.ly/przcppl

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