Today's episode is about family. Keith Saarloos joins us to share his family passion and business of winemaking. Far from dry, Keith pours on the personality and shares about the spirit of winemaking over some of his own family stock with plenty of laughs along the way. We hope you enjoy the show.

Keith Saarloos is the son of Larry and Linda Saarloos. In 1997 Larry and Linda purchased 100 acres in Santa Ynez. They gave growing grapes a try by planting a 17 acre parcel with Syrah. Their grapes were purchased year after year and as the quality continued to increase so did the enticement to hold them back and do something with the grapes themselves. Here we are 15 years later, the vineyard has been expanded, it now covers 30 acres. Keith, is the winemaker. However, all the other family members are involved, one way or another, in the business. Their motto is "Live to Honor those that have come before us, and Prepare the way for those yet to come!"


00:00 Intro
03:06 Who is Keith Saarloos?
05:45 Tell us about how you "got the bug?"
10:35 The Website: documenting the journey.
13:48 How did you learn to farm? Farming philosophy.
23:00 How can you make the exact same wine every year? Expressing yourself through the song of wine.
29:45 "I'm not gonna abandon my grandfather on a shelf." How important family is.
33:25 How and why we make our wine the way we do.
38:48 364 Days.
45:25 What has been your learning curve?
50:33 When did you open your tasting room?
54:55 You said you have a psychotic wine club. Tell us about it?
57:15 Amazing Pinot Noir.
58:25 Back to the tasting room.
1:01:25 My job is to make sure my dad can farm for the rest of his life. Living the American dream through winemaking.
1:04:30 The shared experience of having a bottle of wine.
1:08:25 No snobs, no tasting notes.
1:10:10 Wrap Up.

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