A unique fusion of complex geometric ‘techno meets Bauhaus’ architecture and artistic alliteration, BANDE DES QUATRES is a boutique jewelry line which pushes the limits of modern handmade accessory crafting with a focus on quality and craftsmanship. Each collection is a collaboration.  The pieces designed as “wearable architecture” envisioned by young art aficionado Erin Wahed and handmade by world-renowned Canadian jeweler Janis Kerman.

Wahed’s collecting and art historical savvy directly influence the aesthetic exemplified in each collection.  Several key points of inspiration include a variety of styles, periods, and mediums based on photography, painting, sculpture, architecture, and graphic and industrial design.

Each BANDE DES QUATRES piece is also feat of engineering.  Handcrafted and uniquely made to order,  they represent a rich history influenced by the Bauhaus masters and world-renowned Architects which inspire the works.  Every component in this 20-piece collection is precisely constructed in a range of luxurious metals including sterling silver, 18kt yellow and palladium white gold and precious gemstones all worked in a traditional manner by our master goldsmiths.


Videographer / DP: Loris Pignoletti
Creative Director / Producer: Erin Wahed
Music: Brian Parker
Photographer: Hugo Arturi
Hair & Makeup: Christine Cherbonnier
Stylist: Raul Guerrero
Models: Francesca Vuillemin, Jason Thomas Geering, Tanner Brainard
Special thanks to Milk Equipment Rental

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