"The Journey of Mr. Scott" was a student diploma at the university FOLKWANG essen & university wuppertal, germany (communications design) in 2010.

Cast: David Adlhoch, Martin Maecker, Helge Tramsen, Marcus M. Mies., Delga Gakpo, Katharina Gast, Nika Krosny, Peter Brownbill, ...

Writer & Director: Elena Tree & Nadine Veen (†)
Design & Artwork: Elena Tree & Nadine Veen (†)
DoP: Jan Derksen
Light & 2. unit DoP: Anton Töws
Sound: Gregor Mellmann, Bastian Klingelhoeller
Make-up Artists: Stefanie Schmidt & Anna Obendiek
VFX, 2D, 3D: Sebastian Gimmel
Sound FX: Bastian Klingelhoeller
Music: Martin Wiese

Runtime: 22 min.
Status: in postproduction.
Postproduction Management: chunderksen.de

after the unexpected death of nadine veen (director), the whole production was stopped and we all were paralyzed. now in 2012/13 we want to reactivate this wonderful project and try to finish the movie for nadine.

we are still looking for your support for this free project.
if you want to support mr. scott fell free to give us a tip.

find mr scott also on facebook: facebook.com/pages/The-Journey-of-Mr-Scott/301428859913412

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