A 40 second unmodified High Definition video taken with the Canon PowerShot SD780 IS / IXUS 100 IS. The camera was using its default settings including Image Stabilisation set to continuous.

The SD780 IS / IXUS 100 IS can capture video in the 720p format at 30fps, encoded using H.264 and stored in a Quicktime MOV wrapper. Sadly the camera can't adjust its optical zoom once you start filming, so what you see later on during the video is an example of the digital zoom in practice.

Feel free to download the clip and check out the quality on your own computer!

This video is part of my full review of the PowerShot SD780 IS / IXUS 100 IS at cameralabs.com/reviews/Canon_PowerShot_SD780_IS_IXUS_100_IS/!

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