Poem by Hollie McNish: holliemcnish.bandcamp.com
Animation by Paul Logan: breathingjuice.com
Audio by George Demure: cargocollective.com/georgedemuresounddesign

This animation has been re-edited with audio as part of a promotion of the Smile for London exhibition — Word in Motion.

The original animation (without audio) will be screened on the Underground platform screens for two weeks from 16th January 2012.

Baby Sleep

When I’ve had a week of 12am 3am 5am wakes

A new mum awake in a zombie like state

When you do go to sleep

And I need to sleep too

I spend another three hours just gazing at you

Baby Sleep — Smile for London promo (without audio): vimeo.com/breathingjuice/baby-sleep

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