The late Rev. Marcelline Jayakody was one of the giants of Sri Lankan literature, in both English and Sinhala languages, and was world famous for his prose and verse, a heritage of stupendous mastery in literary achievement. In addition, he was a compassionate and righteous church leader with an exceptional record of charitable deeds for the nation, of which he was a very proud citizen.

The song featured in this video was written by him and is an excellent example of his flair as a poet. It is an enchantingly romantic and meditative interpretation of the banter between a couple who are in pure and ardent love, without any lusty connotations, unlike in popular western music.

The song was part of a 1967, Sri Lankan film called ‘Manamaalayo’ [Bridegrooms] and was composed by Premasiri Khemadasa and was performed by a youthful Nanda Malini, with the male banter by Tony Ranasinghe, who was the romantic lead in the movie.

Nanda revisited this classic in her recent album, ‘Dheydhunu Paayaa’ [Rainbows], with Rohana Weerasinghe faithfully re-orchestrating the music, thereby introducing this timeless classic to the younger generations.

This is not a poem that is easy to transliterate into English, because of the relative rhythmic inflexibility, poverty of poetic expression and lexical limitations in the English language. We have attempted our best to subtitle this video in English, but the result is far form satisfactory; Le Français aurait été une langue plus serviable en effet!

This video is part of our musical ‘Hela Gee [The Lion Song]’™.

Please purchase the album, ‘Dheydhunu Paayaa’ [Rainbows] from Kapruka® CDs without downloading this song from pirate sites or from YouTube, so that literally starving, Sri Lankan artists like Nanda could earn a little and much needed cash to continue recording for us:


‘Sulalitha Sulangay’ [In Melodic Breeze]
Written by: Marcelline Jayakody
From the film: ‘Manamaalayo’ [Bridegrooms] | 1967
From the album: ‘Dheydhunu Paayaa’ [Rainbows]
© SingLanka | 2009

Video Excerpts:
‘Kuch Naa Kahoo’ [Say No More]
Directed by Rohan Sippy
© RS Entertainment | 2003

For IsuruFoundation™
‘love is the cure’

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