Perforations Festival 2011
Authors: Nataša Rajković / Bobo Jelčić

Everyday life is not transferred into the theatre, but is itself theatre’ is the imaginative slogan above the performance Shop Window, which is set in an abandoned business premises in the heart of the city. The everyday life of the street is itself theatrical, and then the theatre comes into being when, into that original theatre, one tries to push a seated audience. Knowing that this principle does not bring any good to theatre itself, and certainly not to the audience or performers, Bobo Jelčić and Nataša Rajković have turned the reality of the busy street of the usual/unusual and legendary Zagreb neighbourhood, Trešnjevka, into a theatre feature for an audience that remains invisible. The result is worth it on many levels, because when shutting the theatre into a box, the only part that is closed off is the part that often deserves it: the audience. On the other hand, performers who are not performers, because they are originals, but are because they are directed, are left to the mercy of the street. Just as when, allegedly, no one is watching.

The most important Croatian cultural, or at least theatrical, export, the director-playwright, or more simply, auteur duo, Bobo Jelčić and Nataša Rajković, return to their original hypotheses with Shop Window. Everything that has come from exploring their successes such as Decelerating, Insecure Stories, and From the Other Side, finds in Shop Window its realistic confirmation: that in fact, theatre can be theatre, if you let it.

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