I'll try to post more about my DIY adventures at cheesycam.com/?p=18

People have asked me about what I used to make the stabilizer. So i've revised the video a bit to include photos of the stabilizer and information about the parts. I've also attached a few photos of my 5D Mark II mounted 'Right Side Up' and also "Upside Down" for those very low flying shots. I call it the CheesyCam Stabilizer ('cause it's kinda cheesy LOL)

All parts available at Home Depot. I was literally sprinting to keep up with the kids, but the stabilizer worked pretty well.

Camera 5D Mark II with Sigma 20mm. Sorry video isn't HD I was going for functionality of the stabilizer on this demo, not video quality.

What I've learned is that the wider the shot the smoother the video comes out. Just like when you take photos. With a zoom lens each little movement is exaggerated and vibration is multiplied. So using a stabilizer helps alot, but shooting wide is most important for these fast running shots. Anything over a 50mm lens doesn't come out as well. If you're looking for a lightweight lens to use with your 5D Mark II video footage, I suggest the 28mm (plastic) Canon Lens. In this video i'm using a 20mm Sigma F/1.8 (shown in the beginning photos), but it's still pretty heavy compared to the 28mm.

More information at cheesycam.com/?p=18

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