VEM, the latest short film offering from Swedish direction and production duo Martin Sjölander and Samuel Forsström, transports the viewer into a mesmeric and intimate dreamscape in which the literal and metaphorical collide. Attachment is discussed over images of two huskies literally tied together by a chord, talk of splinters and shards is accompanied by the visual of white powder dusted off a pair of hands and audio repetition of "footprints and trails" is actualised by a man trudging through the forest on a journey, the purpose of which remains a mystery. It is as if we have been plunged into somebody else's fragmented thoughts, dreams and desires and are perversely enticed; out of our depth but unable to look away. / Tara Kenny,

Contribution for Cannes Court Metrage and Dragon Award New Talent 2012
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Director: Martin Sjölander
DoP: Samuel Forsström (
Edit: Samuel Forsström / Martin Sjölander (
Lyrics & Voice: Eva Staaf (
Music: Gustaf Spetz (
Animal trainer: Anna-Maria Lindqvist
Props: Tobias Rosman
Model: Fredrik C
Translation help: Zen Atom Ledden & Anna Viréhn

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