A Film by Jorge Yetano & Miguel Yetano


¿What pushes us towards the shore? ¿What is the origin of this fascination the sea holds for us? ¿What makes thousands of tourists pack overcrowded tourist resorts? ¿Where does this demand originate? ¿What moves a retired couple to spend their life savings in an apartment by the sea, most likely built with materials of the lowest quality, that they will occupy only a few weeks of the year? ¿How does this massive seasonal exodus transform the lives of the locals? On the Shore wants to approach these questions and adress them to a broad public from an original point of view.

On the Shore is a visual essay that reflects on the constructed ideal of summer holidays by the sea. This ideal has not been around for ever, in Spain we can track it back to the 1930’s. It has been the motor for an outrageous urban development that has brought easy money, yes, but also some pretty ill consequences to local communities.

On the Shore is like a journey: we take a trip to the seaside, beguining August the 1st and ending August the 31st. Instead of lying under the sun, we will observe the reality sorrounding us, we will talk to people, visit places and we will follow our curiosity, progressively widening our scope on things. It is up to the viewers to draw whatever conclusions we are led to. On the Shore is not a documentary about the spanish economic miracle through tourism, nor does it condemn corrupt urban development and its consequences on the environment. Without giving up the complexity of these issues and seeking to avoid topic discourses, On the Shore is more of a collage, a sum of different points of view, it is rather about understanding the often contradictory aspirations of our local heroes.

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