Made between March & August 2011 in George, Garden Route, South Africa.

This film follows the story of Tarzan in his everyday life when he suddenly crosses paths with civilized people, including Jane, whose small train was brought to a halt due to fallen trees blocking the rail tracks.
Were the trees across the railway the work of kidnappers, or just a storm? While Jane’s father and the train driver figure out a way to remove the trees, Jane wanders off into the jungle.
Not too far off is Tarzan, watching Jane. He comes to her rescue when a gorilla attacks Jane. Since then she puts her trust in this wild ape man as Tarzan shows her through his jungles and takes her on elephant rides.
But suddenly kidnappers show up, kidnapping Jane after Tarzan gets shot! Tarzan wakes up in the train and, quickly healing, he promises that he alone will bring Jane back safely.

On his quest Tarzan encounters apes, a fight for his life with a giant 6m snake and discovers a mysterious dark cave doing everything to find his beloved Jane. As Tarzan closes in on the kidnappers he takes them out one by one. Will there be a happy ending or will Tarzan choose the jungles which bred him?

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