A 22-minute programme featuring Julius Chin-Yee -- A Chinese-Jamaican master chef (and reclusive food genius) who takes viewers on a weekly culinary journey as he demonstrates an exciting fusion of Asian and Caribbean style cooking from his base kitchen in Kingston and other locations across the region.

At the core, The Julius Show is about food but is heavily reliant on the unique personality of Julius and his views on everything from current events to tales from his life. The preparation sequences are shot with a cinematic attention to the food and ingredients as Julius fully explains the process.

Julius' always has a different beautiful woman assisting him to cook (sometimes famous, sometimes not but always beautiful) and he never takes off his gold Aviator Sunglasses.

Over the course of each film day, the director will pose random questions to Julius about his methods and ideas on a wide variety of subjects. Provoking reactions and his trademark laugh that is key to the program's comedic angle.

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