This project took place during the Physical Computing Workshop 2012(Bartlett UCL).
The main concept of this project was to introduce a puppet-like creature, which would spark an interaction between the people. This kind of a parallel interaction between them by means of a mechanised marionette aimed to resemble a matchmaker.

The story would play out by initially placing the puppet in the empty space between the two benches and would react according to the people that sit on the benches. If no one sits down, it is quiet and doesn't try to draw anyone's attention. But once someone takes a seat, it appears and interacts with the person. The interesting part is when two people come and sit on the adjacent benches; then it appears again and attempts to introduce the two of them, in an attempt to make them interact with each other. If successful, it gets quiet again and goes back to its initial condition. But every puppet needs a puppeteer. The puppeteer can be anywhere in the quad, someone that sees others but cannot be seen. He or she makes the puppet behave according to the people that occupy the benches.

The puppet creates an orchestrated performance that can be divided in three levels: the participant, the puppeteer and the observers. What makes the whole experience interesting is the way the observers can watch a multiple performances. Thus becoming part of multiple participant orchestrated performance, where everybody has a role and the puppet is a reactive protagonist.

group :Hussnein Amin, Sicong Wang, Xun Zhou, Eleni Georgiadou, David Belzinger, Anna-Klara Veltsista, Dane Virk

workshop leaders: Ruairi Glynn, Ollie Palmer, & John Nussey

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