D.H. Lawrence, essay on Love in 'Sex, Literature, and Censorship' (Viking press. 1953) he muses on types, and journey toward love. He writes about romantics love, love for ones neighbours, love of friendship, of Christianity, of God, of ourselves. At the start of the essay he observers that there can only be unity in love, if the parts were previously separate. Once the coming together has been ratified there can only be a coming apart. Thus the cycle repeats itself. A constant cycle of coming together and moving apart. A journey of endings and beginnings.

Our society is focused on the final product. In this case the 'being in love' at the point of unity. That we have forgotten the enjoyment of the process; of 'falling' in love, the anticipation, or delayed gratification. We feel desire for love, and have lost our sense of propriety in the means of how we get love or a new ipad. (In my case a multi fuel burner.) It seems as though we have lost our pride and creativity in the honour of 'means' over 'ends'.

This short video was taking on a journey from Sheffield, South Yorkshire to Forres, Scotland. It is a long train journey. However, I am blessed that I travel well. I travel well by intention. How I travel, that is how I travel in myself is as important as the arrival. The conversations that are had whilst I travel are unique, free from social order. This video is the observations made on that trip. If you like, it is a simple manual on 'How to travel well.'

scribd.com/doc/35406740/Lawrence-Sex-Literature-and-Censorship-1953 PAge 33-38.

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