a short movie about midges and bitches presented by fishingwithfriends.ch

This video is all about fly fishing for grayling in the wintertime, about mad and freaky enthusiasts who like the spirit of hunting this fishes with tiny little midges.

Which midge might catch the bitch?

From late fall into winter, the river Reuss / Switzerland offers a challenging and demanding fishing with dryflies for grayling.

In the frosty time of year, the rising of the fish happens only around noon and last for one to two hours. Then everything must be perfectly prepared to get a chance for this bitches.

Everything has to be spot on, you need the right fly, angle to the fish, acurate casting, a long and dregfree drift of the dryfly, these are the „must bring to the game“ to catch a grayling in this river.

You freeze your but of and you burn inside, if after trying for a long time for on of these bitches, your fly suddently desapears in a boil and you get a take.

Many times you go home empty handed but always gifted and highly satisfied over the touching moments on the riverbank.

The flies are often very small, size 16 to 18, sparsly dressed. Sometimes only a size 22 brings sucess. You have to fish these miniatures on super tiny and long leaders. This is an other challenge. If you finally hook a grayling you have to be very careful not to break off.

It can make you compleately mad and crazy. It seems you are only happy if you catch one of these ghosts. You cant get enough of it and you try to achieve these very special moments again and again. This sort of fishing makes one adicted.

And when you have thrown the whole content of your flybox on the rising bitches and you did not find the right pattern, totally frustrated, frozen to the bones and down on your knees, you go back to the tying bench, trying again to create this perfect fly for next time.

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