TWEETx (2011) is an installation that visualizes tweets containing specific keywords by continuously scanning and filtering Twitter's data stream. The selected tweets are represented on large LED panels as dynamically moving bubbles that seek their like by being attracted by other bubbles carrying the same keywords. The idea is to create a shared and engaging experience that encourage people to actively debate a subject. The installation is based on a generic software platform that can search for any keyword within a tweet and combine it with any metadata (tweet-user, time code, geolocation, language etc.) and then visualize the findings on basis of a custom real time graphical engine.

The visual content of TWEETx and the physical layout of the screen panels has been developed in relation to the conference TEDxHamburg the 23rd of May 2011. The theme for the event was Realities Rebuilt that was presented and discussed by high profile international speakers. The event took place in Curio House in Hamburg where 22 m2 of LED panels were installed in the ceiling of the conference space - suspended between a large and centrally positioned chandelier and the projection area for movie presentations and PowerPoint. During the conference the installation searched for #TEDxHH, #TEDx, and the speakers names and looked up the language of the tweets.

The host of the conference encouraged the audience to tweet during the conference and to use #TEDxHH as a reference to the conference. As an immediate feedback to tweeting the audience would experience a visual representation of their tweet move above them. The tweet bubbles originated from the chandelier and in bright colors indicating their language. From there they traveled across the LED layout to the projection area above the speakers. Here they grouped in relation to keywords and gave an insight in the communication and activities within Twitter. The slowly growing groups of bubbles gave an indication of the most popular keyword over time, and was articulated by the host who during breaks brought up the numbers of how many tweets each group represented.

TWEETx is made by Kollision ( in collaboration with anOtherArchitect ( and Martin Professional (, and in dialogue with RedOnion ( the organizers of TEDxHamburg ( The functionality and layout of the installation has been conceptualized by anOtherArchitect and Kollision. Martin Professional provided the LED panels (LC-panels) and mapped the content while Kollision created the visual engine scanning Twitter.

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