The masterful event planners at UrbanDaddy asked us to create projections for their end-of-year bash. It was to be held at an old bank in the financial district that had never been used for an event before... Certainly not one with fire breathers, acrobats, a top hat room, trumpeters and an old wizard with a mop. We were tasked with projections that would play off this delightful mayhem. The catch was that we needed to concept, design, code, and animate everything in only 10 days.

Not knowing what the acts would be or where they would happen, we created a backdrop for whatever was going to unfold. We designed a fanciful clock using the masonic details and wood textures from the space itself. The clock itself had 3 main stages, each representing the mood of the party from the quiet party beginnings, to the ramp up, and ending with the wildness of the wee hours.

After the reveal of the clock, it would chime every hour and a new act would stream out of the doorway within it. Each act would ratchet the clock and build anticipation for what came next. At midnight, the clock burst into a finale of light and gold as a giant king on stilts, gold-dust-throwing maids and back-flipping dancers spilled out into the party.

Needless to say, it was a hell of a night.


Projection Content:

Daniel Scheibel
Charlie Whitney

Art + Animation
Zander Brimijoin
Philip Sierzega

James Laudicina
Krissy Weisman

Event by

Music used in showreel:
"Malaria Codes"
Octopus Project

Some process shots of our prototypes, as we wrote our own custom mapping and blending software.

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