An extract of this performance that i recorded last year in Civitanova dance festival, Italy

Death and the Maiden

Paolo Santilli
Franz Schubert
orchestral adaptation
Gustav Mahler
dramatic adaptation:
Riccardo Reim
Giuseppina Maurizi
light designer
Emanuele De Maria
video istallation
Vertov Studio
Luca Scarzella, Michele Innocente, Anna Frigo, Roberto Barbierato
Matteo Carratoni

Death and the Maiden' - the famous quartet in D minor by Franz Schubert later transcribed for a string orchestra by Gustav Mahler - by the young choreographer Paolo Santilli whose dramatic development is similar in style to that of Riccardo Reim. The famous piece by Schubert/Mahler was inspired by a ballad by Mathias Claudius which incorporates an artistic theme (iconographical more than literary) which is rooted in the Renaissance and recurrent in the Germanic tradition. A young girl in the prime of her life meets Death who invites her to follow him exorcising her fears with gentle words: "Give me your hand beautiful creature, I am your friend, do not be afraid, you'll sleep softly in my arms ... ".

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