Welcome to the CTNgreen Earthday Video Mashup Contest and Project. Everyone is invited.
Vimeo Channel: vimeo.com/channels/earthdayvideomashup

-Signup at ctngreen.com/mashup so we can credit you and send you the big Green reuseable SWAGBAG of prizes you will probably win.
- Create a a video message to the earth - Speak to the planet
- Make it short sweet and unique - one minute is plenty
- UPload ( Vimeo - subscribe to this channel so you stay up on it )
- we will edit and mashup all the submissions
- just before earthday we will send it to broadcast media and promote it everywhere
- Earthday gets a cool user generated Video Message
- please enter before April 10th
- Posters, poems, spoken words, phone & voicemail messages, songs and such are also used, see ctngreen.com for details.
- Prizes of the BIG bad BAG of Great Green SWAG

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