Tapster is a simple analog interface (membrane) that makes sure you don't forget what's important to you. Notifications have long been a nuisance to meetings and personal interactions by distracting vibrating or noisy sounds. Tapster allows you to quickly define important milestones during your day and gives you a subtle feedback that the milestone has arrived. Define Tapster’s notifications quickly on your calendar or email program.

Simply installing a small applet is enough to synchronize Tapster seamlessly with your preferred E-Mail or Calendar program and Phone. Download, install, forget! Its that simple. Users can define combinations of impulses themselves e.g 3 long impulses stands for “leave now to make it to the meeting easliy” or 1 short impulse could stand for “you have received the expected email from Susan”.

Our visual and auditive senses are strained daily through using laptops and smartphones. Our touch sense isn’t used as a medium for feedback by most technological devices. Tapster gives haptic impulses as a gentle reminder.

ZHdK - University of the Arts, Interaction Design
Module: Future Scenarios, Semester: 1, Year: HS 2012
Students: Michael Zimmermann, Dominik Stucky, Eddi Lecesne
Mentors: Daniel Hug, Max Rheiner, Michael Huber
Music: Peku Nui - Ho'Pilikia Wawae

Time to develop: 2 weeks

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