Karen Stewart Brown co-founded Stewart+Brown with her husband, Howard Brown. Stewart+Brown believes in optimizing their designs and lives to attain the highest standards of quality and functional style while extracting the bare minimum from Earth's precious capital. Stewart+Brown practices and promotes a symbiotic and harmonious relationship between business, community, and nature. They aspire to apply the wisdom of sustainability to everything we do while inspiring others, just as we have been inspired, to do the same. For more information and to see the designs, please visit stewartbrown.com/.

Interview conducted by Alix Lambert. Alix Lambert is an artist, author and filmmaker. She is an Associate Artist of The Civilians and is conducting this ongoing series of interviews for The Great Immensity. For more of her interviews in this series, please click here:

THE GREAT IMMENSITY is a play and environmental project of The Civilians. For more information, please visit thegreatimmensity.org or thecivilians.org/current/the_great_immensity.html

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