DC Shoes has teamed up with Artist, Mr Sabotage (SBTG) to create a commemorative plate set which will appear on limited-run tees that will be made available across Asia and the U.S. for the Chinese New Year! Enter The Dragon is the theme for this video and it’s appropriately titled to commemorate the Year Of The Dragon.

The whole production came together when DC expressed that they wanted this commercial to be on MTV & it has to be funny and have a stereotypical Chinese theme. We all got really excited and Mr Sabotage (SBTG) suggested the idea of using the Da Tou Wa Wa as a prop (The Big Doll Head) because it leaves a lasting impression with the audience and it’s extremely impactful. Our Director, Juffrie brilliantly storyboarded the scenes and we composed the soundtrack to be as epic sounding with Chinese elements in it.

The production process was a smooth one because of all the support we had throughout the shoot and the proper planning. As a result, we finished our shoot 5 hours ahead of schedule and we have gotten pretty much whatever we needed to cut the video.

Overall, the whole team was passionate throughout the whole production process and it was because of that, we made it work. I think we have worked great together as a team and nailed the ideas spot on.

Shot Using Canon 60D & 5DMkII
Edited with Premiere Pro CS5.5
Assistant Producers | Tasha Lin & Audrey Ong
Executive Director | Mr Sabotage
Original Soundtrack | Betaphats – Enter The Dragon
Directed by | Juffrie
Produced by | Betaphats Studios®

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