Income inequality has been a creeping problem in Canada and other advanced economies for many years now. Income polarization has not, up until now, been a big issue on the federal agenda. On Thursday, January 19, 2012, Canada 2020 hosted a moderated debate on the issue, focused on the role of the federal government and what strategic policy reforms it could undertake to head off the looming problem of income polarization.

The Panellists, Presenters & Section Authors:
* Chrystia Freeland, Thomson Reuters
* Alessandro Goglio, OECD and contributor to Divided We Stand: Why Inequality Keeps Rising
* Mark Cameron, Former Director of Policy and Research, Prime Minister’s Office
* Keith Neuman, Environics Institute
* Andrew Sharpe, Centre for the Study of Living Standards
* Sherri Torjman, Caledon Institute of Social Policy

The Canada we want in 2020
As we approach 2020, the world around is changing rapidly. For Canada, there are many opportunities, but also fundamental and inter-related challenges. The Canada We Want in 2020 launches a debate on the role of the federal government in meeting those challenges. Canada 2020 wants you to join the debate at

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