UPDATE- 2/12/12 *Before you make any final decisions, check this out.

The anomaly in the 320 is probably due to coming down from 640, which I did.

Tested with Driftwood Quantum V9b patch.
Picture profile: Smooth -2,-2, 0(sat), -2
24H mode, Shutter 1/50, Using 'dumb' nikon lens
WB set to auto for lows and Mids, 5400k for Highs
IR and I contrast off.

First test done with the lens cap on. All ISO's selected from a higher value to avoid the bug when approaching from below.

Converted to ProRes HQ using 5DtoRGB Batch-
Settings 709, Full luma range.
Imported to FCP and cropped in-place to show all on one screen. Everything is 100% size, just cropped. Then applied the same 3-way color corrector to every clip to enhance contrast.

Individual fullscreen shots coming in Pt 2
Exported using compressor to h264 on HIGH Q.

Not a perfectly scientific test, but told me what I needed to know.

You can see that my camera suffers from the weird lighter band across the lower 3rd of the image that becomes visible.

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