Far and away the most physically exhausting promo piece I've worked on.

We wanted to infuse this piece with as much energy as possible, and the thought struck us that we should keep pace with the runners. A couple problems arose right off the bat: these are trail runners that hurl themselves over precarious terrain, so cars were out, and GoPro footage wasn't going to cut it. Our big steadicam unit was way too heavy to allow me to keep pace, so we had to find something else.

Fortunately, the human arm acts like an articulating, shock absorbing steadicam unit when paired with something like a Glidecam. I outfitted the 5D with a 16-35mm, turned the technicolor profile on and dove into the most exhausting two days of my life.

I'm not a runner, so keeping up with these guys (most of which are world class) took everything I had and left me aching for days. I had no time to really test the Glidecam unit before we shot, so reviewing the footage was a surprising relief. I had to keep my eyes pinned on the terrain in front of me, so I couldn't believe how smoothly it worked.

In short: completely exhausting, totally rewarding. The runners were all great, and I look forward to nearly killing myself again when next we meet.

Thank you Jim Speth for helping us find all the locations, and Bill Christensen and his magic jeep for getting us there, and thanks to all three of the Lukes that worked on this with me.

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