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February 8th, as filmmakers, content creators, and local businesses, we will stand together on the steps of the Colorado State Capitol to show the legislators our support for the new film incentives in Colorado.

Currently Colorado is 46th out of 50 states in terms of film incentives, ahead of just a few states that don’t have incentives at all.

No feature film has utilized the current incentives in Colorado for the last 4 years.

Currently we have a 10% incentive and aim to increase it to 20%.

When Georgia increased from 10 to 20% in 2008, they went from $229 million film related dollars to $2.9 billion. In one year.

This is our year Colorado. Let's build our film community.

Appearances in Video are all Colorado Creatives (in order of appearance):
Paul Rohrer (Voice) - Narrator
Justin Lang - Filmmaker
Rich Lerner - DP
Brook Aitken - DP
Justin Lewis - Filmmaker
Isaac J Ramos - Director
Ed Kramer - VFX Artist
Ken Seagren - President of Rental House
Meryem Erosz - Producer
Jon Firestone - DP
Frederic Lahey - Film School Program Director
David Quakenbush - Filmmaker
Josh Gaffga - Actor
Patty Kingsbaker - Talent Agency
Kim DeLancey - Restaurant Owner
Misha Belfer - Hair Salon
Jasper Gray - Director/DP
Austin Anderson - Student Filmmaker
Danny Diaz - Editor
Ken Hendricks - DP
Peter Wigand - DP
Jake Swain - Art Director
Paul Sitzman - Filmmaker
Nathan Trumbull - Filmmaker
Donald Zuckerman - Colorado Film Commissioner

Special thanks to:
Wade Yamaguchi
Scott Schulte
Laura Grey
Nelson Goforth
Thomas Cassetta
Rob Shearer
Jeffrey Loewe
Trevor Munson
Tim Hardy
Emilie Kintner
Chuck Westfield
Michael Sharon
Michael Tang

Historical images provided by Boulder History Museum
"The Glenn Miller Story" 1953
Couresy of the University of Colorado, Glenn Miller Archive

Intro Timelapses by:
Wade Yamaguchi

Written by:
James Drake and Paul Sitzman

Motion Graphics/Typography by:
Scott Schulte

Sound Effects used under the Creative Commons License from

-Super8-back.aif by Eklee
-Boots & Spurs.wav by CGeffex
-Whip Crack 01.wav by CGeffex by dobroide
-20100424.pine.forest.00.wav by dobroide
-strings jam 5 - warmup.wav by offthesky
-Wind with rigging.flac by Benboncan
-Surround dronetail -08.wav by Jovica
-Olympia Electric Typewriter - May 17 2008.wav by lonemonk

Music: "Creative Minds" from

More details at and

*This project was not funded by anyone or anything except the passion that Colorado filmmakers have in seeing lasting change to industry, both filmmaking and otherwise, in Colorado.

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