“Dance of Fire mandala.”

I have always been fascinated by how fire evolves, and have been exploring the shapes of the dancing flames out of curiosity. While it seemed impossible to capture just one shape of flames with your eye, because they change so rapidly, I found a way. Just like nature always finds away.

“The Dance of fire mandalas came like a revelation to me. One night while shooting fire for a promo assignment, I suddenly reached a state of trance, watching the flames evolve. What I saw was so awe inspiring, I saw patterns, figures dance in front of my eyes in slow motion. What I saw made me set up the camera accordingly shooting with the fastest shutter speed possible to see all flames move in their own particular way, as if it is telling a story. Seeing the patterns in the fire I suddenly saw a ten-pointed star appear in the flames. This inspired me to create the dance of fire mandalas. What it all means I do not know, but I am sure this work will tell you.

You should always look at fire as though you were seeing it for the first time. This will help you to understand all the greatest mysteries of life. Some people see the shape of a bird in them, or a fierce beast, a face or a flower. Each one of you should learn to look and try to understand the meaning that these forms have for you, for fire speaks to each one of us differently. It can bring you revelations or a message or foretell the future.

“The fire itself inspired me this work of art. It's a revelation in itself.”

Original is CINEMA SIZE! 4K

The fire mandalas have been shown during the Olympic Games in Russia. (From 7 February till 2 March 2014)
For the international art exhibition "A Season of Triumphs" dedicated to the remarkable event XXII Olympic Winter Games, 2014 in Sochi.
This exhibition organized by the Museum and exhibition association was one of the most important events of the Cultural Program of the Olympic Games.
Five zones by the number of five Olympic rings symbolized five energies of Nature: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Metal (according to concepts by Carl Jung). In the exposition huge digital screens were placed with video art devoted to every element.

- The divine nature of things expressed by fire. -

Video Artist: Maurice Spees
© Maurice Spees 2013
Nowadays I use these visuals to balance my inner mind's eye after giving my eyes a long day of work. People in Asia call it, acupuncture for the mind." - Maurice Spees

After watching the fire for about 10 min, close your eyes and your inner mind's eye will take over.

Visual Art: Maurice Spees
Sound: Roger Spees & Maurice Spees
Fire: Mother Earth

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