What if mobile, self-sufficient living units were the building blocks for future cities? By reflecting the future of urban space and building off of what is already there, Flock House is a group of migratory, public, sculptural habitats that are movable and modular with the ability to merge.
In a time when growing urban populations are faced with environmental, political, and economic instability, and when dislocation and relocation is important to consider and reconcile, Flock Houses are choreographed throughout urban centers in the United States and three planes of living (subterranean, ground, and sky).
Built collaboratively upon reclaimed, redesigned, and rethought materials within a gift culture, Flock House promotes wider adoption of natural systems such as rainwater capture, inner-city agriculture, solar energy technologies, and the shape and form of Flock House is inspired by current global human migration, immigration, and pilgrimage. Through workshops, organized events, an interactive website, and narrated cell phone tours, the objectives of this project are to enhance community-interdependence and resourcefulness, learning, curiosity, and creative exploration.
Part fantastic and part practical living, mobile Flock House living systems are interstertial, are both autonomous and dependent on their local community and human relationships to care for, share amongst, collaborate, and corroborate with. As living systems, they are bridges for informal cross-discipline, cross-boundary, and cross-border notions of perimeter, property, and polity. Flock House represents migratory structures as part of a city’s ecology.

by Mary Mattingly

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