We've had a couple people curious about the use of 5DLeaks within Final Cut Pro X so we took a couple minute to show just how easy it is within X.

STEP 1 : Import Files Into FCPX

STEP 2 : Select 5DLeak and drag clip onto top video layer

STEP 3 : Adjust video settings of 5DLeak by selecting Compositing - Blend Mode : Add

STEP 4 : Adjust Opacity Accordingly

5D Leaks is a collection of high definition light leaks created for composite mode within Final Cut Pro and Final Cut X or Premiere Pro. Add dynamic layering to your timelines instantly enhancing the look and feel of your next video project. Simply drag light leak ontop of your footage, select your composite mode, and enjoy. Shot entirely with the Canon 5D Mark II, these clips are beautiful and clean.

Easily customizable within Final Cut or Premiere Pro. Enhance any of these light leaks with quick color correction, contrast, or opacity adjustments for a customized look and feel. With 50 clips to choose from, 5D Leaks provide tremendous longevity for your video projects.

Contact sales@5dleaks.com for more information. Follow us on twitter @5DLeaks

Pick up you're collection at 5DLeaks.com

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