For the majority of independent filmmakers or music videographers, the thought of forking out a small fortune on Cine lenses can be daunting. Some may find it rather difficult to justify the cost. Well, I decided to take a leap of faith, and boy! Am I relieved!

As I stated in this video, there's always a genuine excitement when you buy something that exceeds your expectations, especially when it performs & functions better than you can imagine, and you want to tell all your buddies about it. Been there before, right?

Anyway, would love to hear from fellow Zeiss CP2 owners and shooters with your thoughts and experiences on these babies. Follow me on Twitter:

While I'm aware that these lenses have been available for some time now and are a staple diet amongst some serious working professionals, I'd like to assure the budding or aspiring filmmaker that these lenses are definitely worth the spend, thats if you've been thinking about it.

And if i may also please request , no personal negative comments or haters here. Sure, post sincere or constructive opinions, but don't be a kill joy!

Only managed the 50 & 85mm, but one thinks the other focal lengths will occupy my stable sooner rather than later. Besides, I'm certain everyone loves a little bit of German engineering from time to time.

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