In March 2010 the Aros Aarhus Kunstmuseum ( opened the exhibition ”I Love You”. In relation to the upcoming opening Kollision presented curator Pernille Taagaard Dinesen for an installation concept for doing interactive doodles. As the exhibition takes on a broad perspective on love the Love Doodles concept was a suitable platform for communicating fun, serious and kinky statement in one frame. Kollision has developed the installation as a sponsorship to Aros and we are proud to be represented in the museum having visitors express themselves.

An analogue drawing and photo machine
Many Danish museums a currently struggling to rethink themselves as well as developing their ways of communicating and presenting content. Most often these new ways are based on a technologically web 2.0 approach assuming that visitors are eager to comment the exhibitions – but are they? As a reaction to this approach Kollision developed a simple concept in which the visitor can become part of an interactive graphic installation by writing or drawing with a white board marker on a piece of glass, place himself in relation to the doodles, press a button and here after appear in a large mosaic of other visitors and their love statements. It is quick, open, playful and animates to the construction of numerous comments and compositions.

A mobile recorder
Love Doodles are constructed as a cubic box. The front consists of a piece of glass, a 7” display and a button. Behind the glass a camera is located capturing the visitor and his doodles. When the visitor is satisfied with the composition pressing the button captures an image, stores it in a database and displays it in the dynamic mosaic. This setup can be useful in many other settings to gather simple playful comments from users – all it takes is power and internet.

More than 3000 images where collected and displayed in a Mosaic during the exhibition period. Visit the project site here:

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