The CO2030-game (2009) is an interactive tool developed by Kollision ( The idea behind the game is to support dialogue, which focuses on the goal of becoming CO2-neutral in 2030 – a goal decided upon by the municipality of Aarhus. The general idea is to involve the citizens in the debate concerning how to lower their CO2-output as both a city and as individual citizens. As a participant in the game each citizen gets a general overview of their individual CO2-output and competes with other citizens in trying to lower their output. Throughout the game players are presented with different scenarios and possibilities for changing their behaviour. The players have to argue why they prefer some changes instead of others – or why they won’t change their behaviour at all.

The idea of the game is to create awareness about individual behaviour in relation to climate change through novel experiences. The game is conceived as a playful platform for learning about the complexities of CO2-emissions and at the same time a tool for collecting data about behaviour and the citizens’ readiness to change their behaviour to reach the municipality’s goal of zero CO2 emissions in 2030.

The CO2030-game was launched during the international conference Beyond Kyoto in Aarhus in March 2009, and has since been exhibited several places in Aarhus – e.g. in the town hall, libraries, schools and art museums where it continuously collects data from the users.

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