LOOPLEX is a prototype tangible user interface for live sound interaction and improvising with loops using reacTIVision, MaxMSP, Ableton Live and Arduino.

How does it work?
In short: A DV-Cam in the center of the cube is tracking fiducials markers mounted underneath the hexagon tiles via the reacTIVision software. The generated OSC-Data is received by the TUIO-Client for MaxMSP and converted into Midi NoteOn/Off and Midi CC-Data dependent on the fiducial's angle. This Midi-Data is mapped within Ableton Live for triggering Audio-Loops or Effects.

While triggering an Audio-Clip in Ableton Live a Midi-Clip containing Note-On/Off and Pitchbends is triggered simultaneously and routed to MaxMSP. This information controls 6 coloured LEDs (2xRGB) connected to the 6 digital PWM-Ports on the Arduino via the Firmata (maxuino) Firmware, allowing simple on/off states, smooth colour changes and additive color processing.

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