The bureau of architecture Kollision ( has developed a series of interactive installations that serves as a playful communication platform and infrastructure for the exhibition Smart Use of Energy at Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen. The exhibition communicates the idea that Denmark is aiming to become a world leader within environmentally friendly transportation in an attempt to face the challenges of climate change. The exhibition presents a variety of solutions among them how the cars of the future can run on green energy from windmills and at the same time being used as large batteries to store excess wind generated power.

Kollision’s main contribution is a RFID based infrastructure that allows the visitors to charge their tickets as batteries by blowing a fan at the entrance. The ‘energy’ on the ticket is then used to power the 14 installations in the exhibition. At the individual installations the users can watch movies of experts explaining new challenges and potentials in relation to wind energy - as long as their batteries are powered. When your battery is running out you have to go back to the fan to recharge it.

Smart Use of Energy can be seen at Danish Design Centre until February 21st 2010.

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