In 2010 Kollision was contacted by Rasmus Altenborg from regarding an interactive floor installation in Faarup Sommerland ( The installation was to be a part of this years new attraction The Fox Hole that is based on the idea that after closing time the animals of the surrounding forest is invading and riding the theme park. "The Fox Hole" is staged as an underground world in which the visitor is met fun, challenging and scary obstacles making it hard to find the fox.

The floor installation is situated in a dark narrow alley. On to the light concrete floor an old wooden floor is projected. While overlooking the floor a few spiders will crawl up from the cracks and wander around for a while before disappearing again. When the visitor steps onto the floor hundreds of small and large spiders will appear from all sides and chase you. If there are multiple visitors on the floor the spiders will team up in groups and leave no visitors unchased untill everyone has left the floor surface.

The installation is running on a tracking library, developed by Kollision, that analyses a video stream from an IR-camera mounted in the cieling along with an IR-emitter. Hereby a computer placed with a projector above the cieling is calculating the positions of people on the floor and spawning spiders according to the activity on the floor. The spiders behave after basic flocking behaviour smilar to schools of fish and flocks of birds why their movements on the floor seams quit scary and realistic.

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