Why Church? Itʼs an important question to ask. These days, when time is at a premium and there are so many other things to do, why make room for church in my weekly routine?
Is church a relic of the past--a largely meaningless social gathering that is more about instilling guilt and producing boredom than adding value to my life? Is it worth my time to be involved with church? Can a case be made for the importance of--the value of--church?
We think so!
Give us seven weeks as we explore these important questions. See if we can make the case for the importance of church. If we canʼt, you know you will never have to be bothered by the “church question” again. But, if the case can be made for the value, the relevance and the benefit of church--well, this might be one of the most important investments of time you make in the new year.
Think about it. Weʼd love to have you join us.

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