When life throws you curves, throw bullets.

Bonnie, an independent young artist finds herself caught up in money troubles while one of her replica paintings gets mistaken for an original. Jim, an introverted dreamer who's stuck in his job, dreams of traveling and sees his chance to do so by stealing and selling Bonnie's painting. It all goes wrong when Bonnie and Jim both try to steal the painting from Mahesh, the convenience store owner who stumbled upon the painting in a dumpster.

In her attempt to steal back her painting, Bonnie discovers Mahesh values the painting for its beauty. Finally confronted with some one who values her work, Bonnie makes the decision to give Mahesh her painting. Bonnie and Jim find themselves thrown together by the odd circumstances. Realizing they both long for more out of life, they start a new life as a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.

Written and Directed by:
Ash Blodgett

Marissa Skell, Ryan Self, Sid Veda, Kevin Dorian, Kate Krystowiak and Brian Patterson

Produced by:
Mac Falkner and Ari Berger

Director of Photography:
Andrew Dale and Mike Needleman

Production Design: Meg Norton
Art Director: Mercedes Costa
Original Music by: Bret Eagleston
Sound Design: Travis Taylor
Sound Mix: Bryce Poole
Edited by: Ash Blodgett
Color Corrected by: Lucas Deming

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