iPhone Lenses

Go to my web site for more detailed information and links to the lenses and filters I used in this video.
Hello everyone. This episode is about adapting camcorder leneses to your iPhone. These lenses are cheap and of great quality. I bought mine at B & H Photo in New York last time I was there about 3 weeks ago. These lenses are a must have if you want to get more serious about filming with your iPhone. When I was at B & H Photo I went through several lenses to see what would work the best as far as image quality. Their were many lenses that I thought would work but left nasty image distortion. But the ones I am using in this video works the best from the lenses I tried out. These are for video only because when using them in stills photo mode the vignetting gets very bad do to the fact that when you are in video mode the image is cropped giving a zoomed in appearance getting rid of most of the vignetting. Also I can probably get rid of the vignetting if I center my iPhone in the tripod mount better so that the iPhone lenses is more centered with the lens mount I made. I will fix this issue. Hope this helps some people out. And please subscribe and like this video Thanks to all for watching.

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