03/07/13 - 3 million?! *facemelt*
01/22/13 - 2 million views!! WHOAAAAAAAA
12/19/12 - We hit 1 million views! If you can spare some green, we could use it! BUY THE SONG HERE - itunes.apple.com/us/album/i-should-tell-ya-momma-on/id584853180

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-Ten Steps to Go to Outer Space-

Step 1. - Acquire proper ingredients. Press play, then pause. Allow video to load fully.
Step 2. - Begin rolling blunt.
Step 3. - Find lucky lighter. Turn volume up.
Step 4. - Grab a friend, dog, beer, etc. They would probably enjoy smoking with you. Sharing is caring.
Step 5. - Sound gong, then press play.
Step 6. - Light blunt. Inhale. Hooooold it...
Step 7. - Watch video. Stay seated. Tell your mom to quiet down.
Step 8. - Exhale.
Step 9. - Clean up any spilled brains.
Step 10. - Puff, puff, pass that bitch, man.

...Step 11. - Go to Taco Bell, White Castle, etc. :)

Original video of music sample - bit.ly/I8564J
Charles' films - bit.ly/IPOj2G

Happy 4/20!

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