Prinspóló has just now released the song Föstudagsmessa (e: Fridaymass). The song is produced by Svavar Eysteinsson (Prinspóló) and Árni+1 (FM Belfast). A video for Föstudagsmessa is premiered alongside this exclusive release. The video was directed by Berglind Häsler and the Prins.

You can listen and download the song from in top nice quality!

The song most likely does not make sense to you, since it is in Icelandic, and the video might not either, since it is "special". Let Prinspóló explain:

"Yes, the song is about the place you don't want to be at. For example a dark and dirty nightclub where everybody is pretending to have fun and everything is great. The video brings that idea, to pretend everything is great when it isn't, to another level and tries to make it fit to an idea of a focal point and surroundings. Like when traveling and you have your picture taken in front of a historical building, which is the focal point, you or the building?"

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