David Cole of BeamPath, the 3D rig builders provided this footage. This comparison is just for fun.

The original footage from the Scarlet RAW file was flat, and the GH2 is far more baked-in (like a JPEG). I've lightly graded both images to try and match them. (I am sure a professional colourist could do a better job).

Both held up well to grading, the GH2 footage did not fall apart as much as expected. Though the Scarlet's big strength is in how much latitude it has in both directions high and low.

Considering one is a $700 camera interchangeable lens body with equally cheap accessories and the other a $10,000 pro digital cinema body, the small GH2 is doing a simply incredible job at it's price point. Of course it is not better than a Scarlet, but for the price it is astonishing what you get, at least for projects which don't require heavy grading, 4K or higher frame rates for slow mo.

There's no audio on this footage.

Full blog post here: eoshd.com/content/6946/gh2-split-screen-versus-red-scarlet

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