Time travel takes a weird and wacky trip.

Time Trippers is about a pair of fact checkers, Hank and Matt, who travel back into history in order to double-check events for accuracy. They work for a publishing company that uses time travel technology to make sure everything they print is 100% true. This ain’t Wikipedia.

This get a little “trippy” when they’re sent to investigate the Temptation of Christ by Satan in the desert.

It’s subversive sci-fi comedy at its strangest.

Created by Andra Moldav and Jason Cuadrado

Directed and edited by Jason Cuadrado
Written by Andra Moldav
Cinematography by AJ Raitano


Kevin Ashworth as Hank
Marco Naggar as Matt
Joyce Lee as Boss Lady
Hannah Johnson as Margerie
Adam Kortlever as Jesus

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